The Exterior of Your Home

PROPER GRADING AND DRAINAGE I know that this first statement will sound redundant, but, make sure your new home sits high enough on the lot so that water will drain away from it on all sides.  Even in a situation where a home sits downhill from the road, the foundation can be set so the […]

Your New Kitchen

When I design a new home I plan kitchens of course. My kitchen plans are based on over 45 years in the business. Throughout the years, I’ve gone from being single, to being a newlywed, to having four kids running around the kitchen, to being an empty nester, to having a house full of family […]

Home Electronics

T.V. SYSTEMS Since all televisions today are flat panel, whether you plan to set them on a stand or mount them on a wall, be sure to plan them into your wiring plan. If you are planning on having a really large wall mounted television, have the wall where it will be mounted reinforced with […]

The Laundry

Today very few of our clients want to have a laundry in the basement. As such we place them on either the first floor or the second floor in most of the homes we design. Some codes do not allow for laundries in the basement. LAUNDRY ROOM DOOR Be sure that any entry door into […]


BEDROOM CEILING LIGHTS As I stated before switched outlets are outdated. I recommend installing ceiling lights in the children’s bedrooms. You can put dimmers on the switch to make it easier to check on the kids at night. If you really want to be one step ahead of yourself, have the electrician install a fan […]

Master Bedrooms

Years ago people used to swap room furniture around, but with today’s planning I definitely recommend that you plan the placement of the bed in your master bedroom for the next three items below. MBR BEDROOM FAN Consider putting a fan over the bed, (not in the center of the room). On those hot summer […]


FIRST FLOOR ½ BATH If you have a first floor ½ bath in a breezeway area you might want to consider a door to the back yard in or near it if possible. It would be useful letting out the dog or kids, and if the kids are in the back yard playing, they won’t […]

Master Bath

If you can afford to, make sure you add a master bathroom, and spring for a nice one if you can. This is one area where spending a little extra money will come back to you when you sell the house, and it can bring you a lot of convenience in the meantime. MASTER BATHROOM […]


SIZE DOES MATTER My clients ask me all the time, “What size is a standard garage?” I reply that although most builders would tell you that a 24’ x 24’ garage is standard size, I don’t personally believe that there is a “standard size” garage, no more than there is a standard size house. I […]

Miscellaneous Info

POCKET DOORS Pocket doors are great for any area where a door will be open most of the time. They also work well in tight spaces, and they don’t take up wall space. I like them so much that I have them in all my rooms.  DOORWAYS In some room applications like dens, home offices, […]