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As I stated before switched outlets are outdated. I recommend installing ceiling lights in the children’s bedrooms. You can put dimmers on the switch to make it easier to check on the kids at night. If you really want to be one step ahead of yourself, have the electrician install a fan box and a three wire to the switch. That way if you ever want to put a ceiling fan in the room, it’s ready for it.


With the variety of closet shelving systems and organizers available today you have the opportunity to make your closets much more useful than with just a shelf and rod. Check out the different brands that are available to see just what you can do. A lot of these systems are very easy to install and you could save money by doing it yourself.


I highly recommend installing 2’-8” doors in children’s bedrooms and a 3’-0” door in the master bedroom. This makes moving furniture in and out so much easier than the usual 2′-6″ doors. The price difference between 2’6” doors and wider ones is not a lot of money when compared to the advantage they offer.


All bedrooms need at least one “egress” window for emergency exit, and some of our clients also want a second bedroom window. Most builders and designers usually place bedroom windows in the center of the wall, (unless their placement is dictated by the style of the home). I don’t usually recommend center wall window placement in bedrooms, because it cuts down the places that a bed can be placed. I normally locate bedroom windows on the side of a room. So before placing bedroom windows in you new home plan, be sure to think about window placement, and where you want the beds to go. 

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