Master Bedrooms

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Years ago people used to swap room furniture around, but with today’s planning I definitely recommend that you plan the placement of the bed in your master bedroom for the next three items below.


Consider putting a fan over the bed, (not in the center of the room). On those hot summer nights you’ll be glad you did. If you put a fan in the center of the room, it will only cool your feet.


If you know where the bed is going, you can have electrical switches installed beside it to control the room lights and the fan. If you happen to be a person that gets up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, you can have a put a switch beside the bed to turn on the bathroom lights, (see master bathroom), that way you won’t have to walk to the bathroom in darkness. If you do have switches installed beside the bed you will want to have them installed lower that they normally would be. How much lower ? Measure the height of your bed to see where they should be located.


You can have recessed ceiling lights installed above the bed, or a wall track light above the headboard.


With today’s flat screen televisions don’t forget to have a wall box installed and wall reinforcement behind the drywall if necessary.


You might want to consider having an exterior door installed in the master bedroom. It could lead to a small private deck or patio, and it would be an emergency exit in case of fire. 


In most cases it is fairly simple to have roof trusses built with a cathedral section for your master bedroom. It is not a lot of money and it really “dresses up” your master bedroom.


Wall lights are fairly inexpensive and add a very nice touch in a master bedroom.

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